State Awards of Excellence (SAE)

The goals of the state awards program are to:

1) Recognize and motivate states for outstanding programs,
2) Encourage programming in key areas, and
3) Provide a resource to states for the purpose of developing new programs.

Awards will be given in five program areas. They are:
1) Education & Outreach
2) Leadership Development
3) Member Services
4) Policy Development & Implementation
5) Public Relations & Communications

There are three levels of awards:
1) Award of Excellence
2) President’s Award
3) Pinnacle Award


County Activities of Excellence (CAE)

Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization that has been effective for more than 90 years, thanks to the innovative, action-oriented programs developed by county Farm Bureaus. The AFBF County Activities of Excellence (CAE) Awards are designed to celebrate and recognize unique volunteer-driven programming at the local level. We want to recognize and share successful county Farm Bureau programs and activities to help generate even more activity at the county level. With a focus on the priority issues of the organization, the program categorizes activities into to the following areas: Education and Ag Promotion, Member Services, Public Relations and Information, Leadership Development, and Policy Implementation.

Up to 25 county Farm Bureaus from across the nation will be selected to present a display of their winning activity during the AFBF Annual Meeting Tradeshow January 13–14, 2013, in Nashville, Tennessee. Counties selected will receive $2,250 toward expenses incurred to participate in the CAE program at the annual meeting.

Enter your county’s outstanding program and you may be selected to highlight your successful activity to Farm Bureau members from around the country at this year’s annual meeting.

The awards will be judged based on the following county membership groups:

· Up to 1,000 members

· 1,001—3,000members

· 3,001—5,000members

· 5,001+ members

Winners will be announced by October 15, 2012.

Young Farmers & Ranchers Competitive Events

Achievement Award - Achievement Award participants will be evaluated on acombination of their farming operation growth and financial progress ofoperation, Farm Bureau leadership, as well as leadership outside of FarmBureau. The judges will be looking for excellence in management, growth andscope of the enterprise and self-initiative that have been displayed throughoutthe operation. This competitive event is designed for Young Farmers &Ranchers who are involved in production agriculture with a majority of theirincome subject to normal production risks.

Excellence in Agriculture Award - The Excellence in Agriculture Award Program is designed as an opportunity for Young Farmers & Ranchers, while actively contributing and growing through their involvement in Farm Bureau and agriculture, to earn recognition. Participants will be judged on their involvement in agriculture, leadership ability, involvement and participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations (i.e., civic, service and community). This competitive event is designed for Young Farmers & Ranchers who do not have a majority of their income subject to normal production risks.

Discussion Meet - The Discussion Meet competitive event is designed to simulate a committee meeting where discussion and active participation are expected from each participant. This event is evaluated on an exchange of ideas and information on a pre-determined topic. The judges are looking for the participant who offers constructive criticism, cooperation and communication while analyzing agricultural problems and developing solutions.

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