Cimarron Mortgage Discount

As a Farm Bureau member, you can now save $150 off closing costs* when you finance your home mortgage through Cimarron Mortgage Company, a Mississippi-based national lender. This savings is just one more way the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation is adding value to your Farm Bureau membership.

Members also have an opportunity to benefit from a wide variety of loan products and services offered by Cimarron, which is located in the Farm Bureau Building in Jackson. For those who have been around long enough to remember, buying and financing a home has come a long way since the early 1960s. In a short 40-year period, factors such as technology, monetary supply, and the general way in which we conduct our everyday business have dramatically changed the way we acquire and finance homes.

Historically, when you applied for mortgage financing, you visited your local savings and loan and met with the loan officer, whom you probably knew well. You filled out an application by hand, and the loan officer made a decision based on your credit and character.

This process could take up to a couple of months. You were also required to put down 20 percent of the purchase price of the home. In most cases, this was a substantial amount, and it limited those who could afford such an investment.

Additionally, the types of loan programs available then scarcely compared to today's wide variety of options.

Today, the American Dream of buying a home is possible to more people than ever. A wide variety of new loan programs require homebuyers to have very little, if any, money for a down payment. Technology, such as toll-free phone numbers, the Internet, and e-mail have enabled the mortgage industry to deliver more porducts, such as rural housing, first time homebuyers' programs and refinancing to virtually all areas of Mississippi.

Computers have aided in streamlining the loan approval process to make the home loan process less painful and more efficient. New lender software has also helped in the home buying process, allowing more people to become approved for a loan in literally minutes instead of days or weeks.

In addition to purchases, homeowners may refinance an existing mortgage to lower their monthly payment. This process, too, is much simpler now. Many people refinance their homes to lower their payment, consolidate high-interest debt, improve their home, or even lower the number of years left on their mortgage for early retirement goals and peace of mind.

For more information about this important new Farm Bureau membership service, call 1-800-949-6699, online at or Brian Davidson by e-mail at


*This credit must be requested from Cimarron prior to the loan closing. The credit is not available after the loan has closed.
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