Clear Value Hearing

ClearValue Hearing, The Starkey Group and Westone Earmold Laboratories have combined their resources to develop a comprehensive Hearing Healthcare Benefits Program for activated members and their families.

Currently most manufacturers and discount plans advertise questionable discounts off of inflated suggested retail prices. ClearValue and Starkey guarantees activated member’s actual savings of up to 25% on prescriptive digital hearing instruments and significant savings on other hearing healthcare needs including ear protection and ear molds from Westone Earmold Laboratories.

Members receive a free initial hearing test and annual retests

Free hearing aid adjustments

Free bi-annual hearing aid maintenance

One courtesy case of batteries

Activated members are guaranteed Free automatic

Statewide network of Professional Audiologists and

Up to 60% off MSRP on all
Starkey Hearing Instruments

Special Member Discounts on all Westone Custom
Ear Protection

ClearValue offers significant savings & services that are
typically not covered by Medicare and most Insurances.


To learn more about the ClearValue Hearing Healthcare Benefits Plan & to locate a provider in your area log onto or call 888-497-7447.


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