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A $4,000 scholarship will be awarded to a male or female recipient attending any Mississippi four-year college or university, or a community college. Competitor must have completed at least one full year of college courses. Student must maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average out of a possible 4.0.

Recipient must submit completed application and an essay not to exceed 300 words on an agriculture-related subject.

Send to Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, Attn: Women’s Dept., P. O. Box 1972, Jackson, MS 39215, prior to August 1.

A panel of judges will review all applications and essays and make recommendations.

Payment of scholarship will be made in two equal installments during the two semesters of the school year. Payments will be made directly to the college, university or community college in the student’s name upon notification of student’s enrollment.

To be eligible to receive the second payment, student must again be enrolled and have maintained at least a 2.5 GPA out of a possible 4.0 during the first semester. A letter from the college or university documenting these two requirements is essential.

The purpose of the $4,000 Mississippi Farm Bureau Ambassador Scholarship, which is sponsored by the Mississippi Farm Bureau Women, is for the organization to identify young leaders who can use their advantages to tell the farm story. It is also designed to enlighten and inform the public that interest in agriculture, as a career, is alive and productive. The Ambassador will make selected appearances, at MFBF expense, on behalf of agriculture and Farm Bureau.


A. Contestant must be a member of a Farm Bureau family with current membership.

B. Contestant must be at least a sophomore in college and no older than 25 years prior to the MFBF State annual convention.

C. Contestant must be willing to travel and participate in workshops, and speak at selected functions on Farm Bureau and agriculture issues.

D. Contestant must not be a previous winner of the Ambassador competition.

E. Contestant must not be or ever have been married or have children.

F. Contestant must be planning to attend or attending a community college, college or university in the State of Mississippi. A contestant attending a school outside Mississippi will be eligible, provided that upon being declared the winner, he or she will transfer at the end of the semester to a school within Mississippi. A written statement to this effect will be required.


1. Conntestant must complete application
including a 300-word essay.

2. Contestant must make an oral
presentation not to exceed five minutes.

3. Contestant must appear in appropriate business attire.

4. Contestant must have knowledge of Farm Bureau and agriculture. Ten questions pertaining to Farm Bureau or ag related subjects will be placed in a bowl. Each contestant will draw one question and give a detailed answer to the Master of Ceremonies.

5. Each contestant will meet and be interviewed by judges for a period not to exceed five minutes.

6. Each county may enter one or more contestants.

7. Judges will be secured by MFBF.

8. The following score card will be used to judge all Ambassador contestants:

30 pts Application and Essay
30 pts Interview with Judges
30 pts Oral Presentation
10 pts Dress (appropriate attire)

9 . Application Forms: Forms will be furnished by the MFBF and shall constitute agreements on important conditions relative to becoming the Farm Bureau Ambassador.

10. Contestants can only enter this competition for the year of dated application. Deadline for entering is August 1.


The following instructions apply to the Farm Bureau Ambassador competition.

1. Ineligibility: A contestant will be ruled ineligible if he or she is a member of the family of any employee of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation or the County Farm Bureau.

2. Age Limit: Age limits for contestants shall be 19 - 25 years of age.

3. Timing of Contest: All deadlines shall be observed. Essays must be in Farm Bureau State Office by August 1.

4. Judges: State contest judges will be secured by the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation.

5. Property Liability: Farm Bureau Federation is not responsible in any way for loss or damage to any articles of clothing, accessories or any other items used in the competition.

6. County Responsibility: A county Farm Bureau may send entries to the MFBF state office. It is the responsibility of the county Farm Bureau to sponsor their winning contestant in the state competition.

7. State Responsibility: Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation will arrange the program and hold the state contests.

8. Time Limits: All time limits will be enforced through downgrading of scores at the rate of five points per minute.

9. Judges: “Tie winners” are not acceptable.


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