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Tabbs win State Young Farmer Achievement Award

Jackson – Bill Ryan and Leslie Tabb of Cleveland have been named the winner of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award for 2006. The Tabbs operate a 5200-acre family farm consisting of 900 acres of rice, 4000 acres of soybeans, and 600 acres of wheat / soybeans that are double cropped. They own 575 acres which they have had precision leveled to increase efficiency of their equipment, reduce fuel costs, and conserve water. They consider their farm a conservation farm and they try to make constant improvements to make their farm more environmentally friendly.

Tabb says that keeping agriculture strong keeps the delta region of the state strong. “Agriculture is really the only sustainable industry in the delta right now,” said Tabb. “If agriculture struggles, it’s not just the farmers who struggle. The car dealerships, the store owners, everybody struggles. That’s why I’m so interested in the political side of farming. To keep the delta strong so I can stay here and raise my family.”

Tabb has made many changes and improvements in the operation including planting early maturing varieties of soybeans so they will be ready for harvest during a more favorable time of year. This practice increases yields, while decreasing costs, insect pressure and irrigation needs.

Tabb has held numerous positions in the county Farm Bureau and is currently County President . He has also served as a voting delegate to the state convention, on the state board of directors, and as Young Farmer & Rancher Chairman.

Bill Ryan’s wife Leslie is a nurse at the local hospital and they have two children, 7 year old Collins and Annsley, who is 3.


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