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JACKSON, MS, January 30, 2007 - American consumers continue to have the most affordable food supply in the world. In fact, between Jan. 1 and Feb. 7, the average American will have earned enough income to pay for the family's entire 2007 food supply. As a result, Feb. 7 has been proclaimed Food Check-Out Day and will be celebrated by the Mississippi Farm Bureau and Farm Bureaus all across the nation.

According to the latest statistics compiled by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, American families and individuals spend, on average, just 9.9percent of their disposable personal income for food. This included food and non-alcoholic beverages consumed at home and while eating out. That percentage is down from the 10.2 percent calculated last year.

David Waide, president of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation and a director of the American Farm Bureau, calls Food Check-Out Day a revelation, if consumers will just stop and think. "There is no place on Earth where families have access to such a safe and plentiful food supply at such an affordable cost as they do in the United States. American farmers, although fewer than ever, continue to produce enough food and fiber to meet the needs of our citizens without putting undue demand on their disposable incomes. We are blessed with the world's best and most productive farmers."

Waide also reminded consumers that in comparison to Food Check-Out Day, Americans worked 77 days to pay their federal taxes, 62 days to pay for housing and household operation, and 52 days for health/medical care, according to The Tax Foundation.

To help focus attention on Food Check-Out and show the importance of supporting those who need help, the Mississippi Farm Bureau will be working with the Ronald McDonald House in Jackson, providing food and other needed supplies, along with cash contributions. The Ronald McDonald House provides a "home-away-from-home" for the families of seriously ill children receiving medical treatment in the Jackson area. The donations will be used to help feed and care for visiting families staying at the house.

Dott Arthur, of Leake County, chairman of the Farm Bureau's Women's Committee, said that her group is thrilled to again be affiliated with such a worthwhile charity as The Ronald McDonald House. "While it is important that we pause and be thankful for our blessings, including our safe and affordable food supply, we also need to help those around us who are less fortunate. The Women's Program of Farm Bureau looks forward to providing a large amount of food and supplies, along with many cash contributions, to the Jackson Ronald McDonald House, knowing that we will be helping people going through some very difficult times."


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