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National Ag Week focuses on abundance of food and fiber

The agricultural industry has become increasingly sophisticated. Today's farmer works nearly three-and-one-half times more land than his predecessor from 1900. His needs are different, the crops are different and the rules governing production practices are different.

American farmers now provide consumers with better quality food at a lower price. U.S. consumers spend roughly 9 percent of their income on food compared with 11 percent in the United Kingdom, 17 percent in Japan, 27 percent in South Africa and 53 percent in India.

“We often take for granted the abundance of food and fiber that we have in this nation,” said David Waide, president of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation. “This week focuses on where that food and fiber comes from and that’s from the producers who till the soil and produce that abundance for the American consumer.”

All Americans are asked to enjoy and admire the wonders of American agriculture as National Agriculture Week is observed March 16-22, and National Agriculture Day is celebrated on March 21.

Increasingly, farmers are using cutting-edge technology to produce better products for the consumer. Farmers and ranchers produce meat that is lower in fat and cholesterol. The result is beef cuts that have 27 percent less fat than in 1985. Biotechnology has resulted in better tasting fruits and vegetables that stay fresh longer and are naturally resistant to insects. Plant breeding has resulted in crops better able to handle the environmental effects of drought, disease, and insect infestations resulting in higher yields at harvest and lower costs to the consumer.

“I hope we can focus our attention this week on how lucky we are as a nation to be well-fed and well-clothed,” Waide said.


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