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Representative Harper commended for co-sponsoring bill

JACKSON - The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation commends Representative Gregg Harper for co-sponsoring HR 4319, a bill that would protect landowners from having vast areas of their private property designated as endangered species habitat.

“A recent court settlement with the Center for Biological Diversity will require the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to consider 374 species for inclusion on the Endangered Species List,” said Farm Bureau President Randy Knight. “At least 42 of these are in Mississippi. We need this bill passed because these designations will have a significant impact on land use decisions and property values which will severely impact local economies.”

HR 4319, known as the Common Sense in Species Protection Act of 2014, will make three principle changes to the Endangered Species Act critical habitation designation.

  • Require that economic impact analysis must include the costs incurred due to species listing as well as the costs of the proposed critical habitation designation.
  • Detail what costs are to be considered in the analysis, including the effects on private land values and uses and public revenues and services.
  • Remove the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior to designate an area as a critical habitat.


Representative Rick Crawford (R) of Arkansas is sponsoring the bill which has been referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources.



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